Descriptive Essay Sample: “Happiness Is…”

It is difficult to talk about happiness. For every person the word happiness has its own special value and is associated with the way of life. What is happiness and how to achieve it? Is it a feeling of lightness, joy, peace? Is happiness been measured by human achievements? Each defines it for himself, and it is the only general recipe of how to be happy.

For many people, happiness – is wealth, prosperous life. But usually it is a dead end, as constant obsession on wealth leads to distraction and depression in any event. For example, human wishes to have one thing and it seems that from the moment he own that thing, it will bring happiness. And when the time came and thing is in hands, happiness comes, but not for long. The interest disappears after all sides are learned. A thing is not able to bring happiness during long period of time, it never changes. It becomes habitual and we get bored.

Sometimes it seems that happiness – what is missing in our life. Then the person is trying to find it and make his dream come true and it is happiness for him. It becomes the happiness of search, action and experience.

Actually we don’t need too much in modern life. We all have the opportunity to work and provide themselves with everything necessary. But we can’t live without communication. We exchange news, share experiences, learn about new developments and interesting facts – all of this is in the nature of human. Therefore, each of us (except people with complex) has friends, and among them are certainly the best, most intimate. Human can not be happy without the possibility to show their feelings. There are lots of people in our lives, but few of them can bring happiness. Sincere love and mutuality – what can human ask for more?

In conclusion, it should be said that everyone deserve to be happy, despite the fact that everyone has their own happiness.

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