Law Of Attraction Essay Sample

Do the Law of Attraction and/or positive thinking actually work?

The answer is yes.
What is the Law of Attraction? “The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you need, according to the nature of your thoughts. Your environmental and financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking.” Joseph Murphy stated it before. From this statement, it tells us that the Law of Attraction is the belief that anyone can determine their own destiny. As far as I’m concerned, anything attracts to people or something they are eager to chase after, it is in the nature of their thoughts. Since they have desire in mind, they would be willing to put efforts to accomplish it. “Your environmental and financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking.” This explains what we have now reflects our mind, thoughts and ability, especially how much effort we are willing to put on, how far we want to reach.

The power of positive thinking has great impact on people. No matter in Eastern or Western countries, many people believe in that “you do good to others, you receive in good; you do cruel to others, you receive in cruel.” Therefore people will apply their positive thinking into life. They have kindness in mind, their actions will follow orders to be kind.
So, in a summary, the Law of Attraction and positive thinking actually work for people. I live in this world with dreams, wishes, desires, and the most important, beliefs. There is no doubt that everyone has goals. Sometimes because of physical condition, some people may stop on half of way of destination. However some people have strong will in mind, and believe in themselves, and think of ways to accomplish their goals. The power is their mind and thoughts that keep them going. This is Law of Attraction.


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