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Students receive various assignments at a college or university through which they must show their creative and analytical skills. In a hamlet essay, you need to work hard because Shakespeare’s works cannot be called easy reading that one can comprehend in one day. To cope well with the task, you must devote enough time reading, analyzing, and searching for additional information. What if there is not enough time? The authors of our service took care to create a Hamlet by William Shakespeare summary, suggested essay topics, and highlighted the book’s main ideas for you. Thus, on our blog, you can learn a lot of helpful information and create an excellent sample of your essay.

Hamlet summary: main ideas, plot, characters and issues


In our quick summary of Hamlet, we consider Hamlet one of the most tragic works Shakespeare produced throughout his writing career. The play highlights the conflict themes of various personalities who tried to get to power and thus crossed the boundaries of justice for themselves and others. In one of his creations, the writer combined such themes as malice, manipulation, madness, and many related topics that ultimately create chaos in interpersonal and personal relationships.

Hamlet character

The most mysterious character of the play can safely be called Hamlet, the main character. Hamlet was the son of a rather old king and was considered the heir to the royal throne. Although Hamlet is confident that Claudius killed his father, he still does not have the power to avenge the king’s death. Also, doubts are given by the swift marriage of his mother and uncle, which the main character cannot resist.

Internal resistance

In the Hamlet introduction, one can also mention that Hamlet has always been internally divided into three parts. On the one hand, he was tormented by uncertainty about his desires and ambitions. On the other hand, his analysis of every detail of the world, and on the third hand, these are the doubts of the heir about the ghost that appeared to him. All the previously described aspects of his internal resistance only hindered him and only stretched his revenge.

It will be difficult not to write in your essay on Hamlet about how exactly the hero met the fateful spirit. In the play’s first act, the distraught Hamlet learns from his friends about the spirit of his father, who roams the castle’s corridors. The ghost of the king tells him that he was killed by Claudius – who was his younger brother and that he took revenge on his uncle for his death. After a conversation with the spirit, Hamlet decides to start an investigation into the end of his father and, at the same time, cannot be decisive enough in his actions due to doubts about what he saw.

When compiling a Hamlet character analysis, it is worth paying due attention to the fact that Hamlet torments himself because of thoughts about the authenticity of the spirit because ideas came to his head that it was not the father but the devil. And doubts about the authenticity of the spirit make him check his uncle Claudius and simultaneously watch his conscience, which stretches his revenge even more.

Hamlet could have known his death if he had been more confident in his actions. But all his doubts led to the fact that he accidentally killed Polonius and was sent by Laertes. Hamlet could believe in the story of the spirit only after seeing his uncle’s reaction to the play. Since he was the hero taking too long to figure out the play, his uncle had enough time to contemplate killing him. The king’s son heads the Hamlet character list because the contrast of insecurity in himself and his reign and doubts about his actions leads him to even greater madness and death.

Hamlet analysis includes the situation when the people of Denmark choose Claudius as king in the hope that after him, Hamlet will take the post of the king, only more experienced and wiser. Hamlet’s hesitation does not allow him to take the position of king and come up with any action. And to Ophelia, he says that the ambition he fights makes him controversial. In Hamlet conclusion, it was possible to avoid all that if the prince had thought less about revenge and started to act.

Hamlet’s disputes with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about the philosophy of the white and black world shift his attention from the main problem. It is too difficult for him to be decisive because of the deep analysis of every aspect of the world around him and his actions. And in his monologue, he tells why people are afraid of death, which shows why it is so difficult for him to cross the line with murder.

In the Hamlet summary and analysis, it is worth revealing that if Hamlet had thought less about good and evil throughout the play and been more determined, he would have been able to win. That is, doubts about himself, the spirit, and the world around him led Hamlet to his death. He allowed his rivals to plan their deaths.

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The Destructive Story Of Hamlet

Hamlet’s play is one of the best well-known misfortunes ever inscribed, and in various respects, it displays the aspects traditionally related to the tragic category. In addition to the tragedy concluding with the demise of Hamlet and a horde of other individuals, Hamlet is a typical tragic hero. Hamlet fits in the genre of vengeance disaster in that it encompasses an essential character pursuing revenge for a wrong contrary to himself.

Hamlet’s Father’s Death

Hamlet is a catastrophic play inscribed by William Shakespeare. The play conveys the tragic fall of a magnificent household by disloyalty. Hamlet was the son of the head of state; his dad was murdered by his brother, Claudius (Dunne, 195). The brother then married the king’s wife and became the ruler. Hamlet’s dad appeared to him in ghost form and stated to him that Claudius had murdered him, and Hamlet execrated revenge on his father’s anguish. Hamlet’s misfortune trunks from several roots; the first is his father’s death. Hamlet has a disastrous mistake of deferment that delays his risk of assassinating Claudius. He deferred murdering Claudius since he was unsure if he could believe the ghost. Therefore, Hamlet’s story is a disastrous account of a circle of vengeance and betrayal.

Assessment of Ghost Accusation

Though promptly spurred by the ghost’s directives, Hamlet chooses more reflection to search for proof in validating the wraithlike calamity. He recognizes the evil spirit can undertake an attractive shape and effortlessly misinform an individual whose thoughts are disconcerted by strong anguish. Hamlet approves a show of sad and mad conduct to mislead Claudius and other people. Hamlet’s good associate agrees that Claudius has unmistakably confirmed his fault. Motivated by guilty integrity, Claudius attempts to determine the root of Hamlet’s strange conduct by employing his former friends as secret agents. Hamlet swiftly grasps through the arrangement and begins performing a madman’s sector. To the self-important old flatterer Polonius, it seems that Hamlet is infatuated with his daughter Ophelia. Despite Ophelia’s faithfulness to him, Hamlet contemplates that she is revolving against him just like everybody else (Kaaber, 20). He pretends insanity with her and treats Ophelia unkindly. Hamlet has a disastrous flaw that conveys his disgrace tremendously.

Polonius Death

Hamlet engineers a strategy to assess the ghost’s allegation. With a crowd of visiting performers, Hamlet organizes the show of a story signifying situations similar to those designated by the spirit, where Claudius poisoned king Hamlet. When the tragedy is presented as intended, the presentation alarms Claudius (Fuchs, 45). Hamlet challenges his mother in her slots with her guilty faithfulness to Claudius. When he perceives a gent’s voice behind the draperies, he stabs the individual he reasonably undertakes to be Claudius. The person, conversely, is Polonius, who has been snooping to discover more about Hamlet’s inconsistent conduct. This deed of violence encourages Claudius that his life is at risk. He directs Hamlet to England accompanied by his two friends with undisclosed instructions that the ruler of England execute him. When Hamlet realizes the instructions, he changes them to create his two associates, the prey, as an alternative. Hamlet has an enormity about him and exceptional characteristics.

Hamlet Death

The actual turn of occasions was Hamlet’s murder of Polonius. After Hamlet returns to Denmark, he perceives that Ophelia passed on from a supposed suicide, possibly caused by her going mad over her dad’s abrupt demise. Ophelia’s brother Laertes pursues revenge for Polonius’s killing. Claudius is enthusiastic about organizing the contest. Hamlet perishes from a wound imposed by a weapon that Claudius and Laertes have combined to tip with venom. Hamlet grasps what has occurred and forces Laertes to interchange weapons so that Laertes, too, perishes (Shakespeare, 224). Before Hamlet passes on, he succeeds in killing Claudius and commends the clearing of his decency to his associate Horatio. Hamlet is considered a tragic protagonist because he is of noble standing.


Hamlet is such a destructive account. Hamlet was a gentleman determined to vengeance for the wrongs done to the individuals he valued. Hamlet is not irrational; he is just a gentleman who treasures his household and wants impartiality. Hamlet is a destructive story with a significant death transaction at the end.

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List of Hamlet essay topics from our service

Sometimes choosing a topic can be time-consuming and confusing. The case will dictate the course of your work on the essay because if you formulate the issue correctly, it will be easier to search for information and express your thoughts. Our experts have compiled a list of essay topics for Hamlet, so you can use one of them and create something worthy for your teacher and surprise him. The issues you will read in our list are well analyzed.

  1. Is Hamlet’s mother to blame for his death?
  2. Hamlet’s vice led him to tragedy.
  3. Hamlet is an example of a political tragedy.
  4. The search for realism in the life of Hamlet.
  5. What are the main problems in Shakespeare’s writing of Hamlet?
  6. What was Ophelia’s life like in the patriarchal world of the Middle Ages?
  7. How exactly does Shakespeare characterize his character – Hamlet?
  8. Shakespeare created antiheroes in his play.
  9. How exactly does patriarchy affect Shakespearean women?
  10. Hamlet’s feelings of love feelings in manifestation to Ophelia.
  11. The fate of a woman in Shakespeare’s period.
  12. The moral suffering of society is shown in “Hamlet.”
  13. From revenge to death in Hamlet.
  14. Why was Hamlet always looking for division and answers about “right” and “bad”?
  15. The satirical side of “to be or not to be” in Hamlet.
  16. Lust for power leads to murder, according to Shakespeare.
  17. What impact does the description of the main themes of Hamlet have on people in the 21st century?
  18. Madness described by Shakespeare
  19. What archetype is manifested in Hamlet?
  20. What exactly is the contradiction between religion and the thirst for revenge?
  21. Differences and similarities between “Hamlet” and “Romeo and Juliet.”
  22. How exactly were the themes of betrayal handled by Shakespeare?
  23. Hamlet’s Revenge: What exactly were his predicaments?
  24. What was the ghost’s role in Hamlet’s revenge?
  25. During what period of the play did Hamlet’s madness gain new momentum?
  26. Hamlet literary analysis.
  27. What did Hamlet’s madness lead to?
  28. What can you learn from Hamlet’s mistakes?
  29. The significance of Hamlet’s monologues in the integrity of the play?
  30. What is the importance of women in Shakespeare?

Basic Hamlet essay ideas

To conduct a Hamlet analysis essay, you need to understand the main ideas that Shakespeare showed in his play. We highlighted a few of the most fundamental concepts worth considering to write a decent essay.

The idea of revenge

This play describes two characters, Hamlet and Laertes, who want to avenge the death of their father. While Hamlet ponders the subject of revenge for a long time, Laertes follows him and decides to kill him, as Hamlet killed his father, Polonius. That is, the story describes double revenge. Shakespeare reveals the very idea of revenge from two different sides, namely the selflessness of Laertes and the excessively philosophical plan of Hamlet. These two ideas about the place perfectly show exactly how indecision influenced the death of Hamlet.

The idea of ​​corruption

In this play, the topic of corruption is very acute. Shakespeare, in his creation, uses a symbolic scheme of corruption, leading to the fact that the well-being of subjects is directly related to the legitimacy of the king of Denmark. Because after the murder of the king, his killer sat on the throne, Hamlet, throughout the play, suffers from spiritual oppression and smolders from the inside. In the mind of Hamlet, thoughts about the rot of this world and how he can cope with these images flash all the time. It is because of the pictures of the breakdown that Hamlet hides the body of Polonius in a place from which the smell will quickly dissipate, symbolizing how quickly corruption is spreading throughout the country.

The idea of religion

In the essay on Hamlet, you can also reveal the idea of ​​​​religion, which more than once becomes contrary to Hamlet’s plans. He was terrified that his revenge would be a failure, and if he killed Claudius while he was praying, he would not go to hell but to heaven. The idea of ​​sacrifice for the ultimate goal was firmly traced in the Christian world of that time, and Shakespeare showed this in his work. Hamlet chooses the position of observation and sees exactly how the layers of society, rotten from corruption, fall from their traps. In some way, Hamlet is like Christ because his sacrifice can reveal the truth and give new hope.

The idea of policy

“Hamlet” is considered a political play, as it touches on many topics of managerial psychology and the struggle for power in general. – political drama. Many characters are intrigued inside the palace to achieve their own profitable goals. Claudius kills the king and plots to kill the heir, and his henchman Polonius helps him in these endeavors. Court ladies gossip and conspire, like the rest of the upper society. The idea of retaining and consolidating power is very keenly traced in the play.

The idea of appearance and reality

The main idea of ​​every creation of Shakespeare. In the text written by Shakespeare, there are a lot of references to how the world looks and how different personalities represent it. There are a lot of characters and events in the play who want to seem kind like Claudius, but in fact, they plot revenge and conspiracies that lead to the death of people and many troubles. All the characters, in any case, turn out to be completely different from what they are.

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