Check 35 Best Criminology Research Topics

Crime as a phenomenon exists throughout the existence of mankind, while the criminology as a science appeared only more than a century ago. There are many questions that humanity should answer in the nearest future. If you have lost in these variety of questions, you can take as a basis the following criminal justice research paper topics.

  1. Criminal statistics and the study of crime in certain state.
  2. Murders and domestic violence. Statistics.
  3. Terrorism as a global threat and as an instrument of world politics.
  4. Fingerprints and it’s meaning in investigation.
  5. Crimes in the sphere of computer information: criminological analysis of the offender’s identity.
  6. The concept and characteristics of crime among juvenile and youth.
  7. Preventive activities of investigative agency in the process of detection and investigation of crimes.
  8. The ethical basics of police activities in a modern society.
  9. Identity of the perpetrator and the formation features of deviant behavior.
  10. Criminological forecasting and planning in crime control.
  11. The factors of suicide and problems of statistics.
  12. Social and psychological features of juvenile delinquency.
  13. Identity of criminal: concept and typology.
  14. Criminality among women: characteristics and prevention.
  15. Domestic crime and methods of it prevention.
  16. Criminological problems preventing robbery.
  17. Stages and methods of criminology research.
  18. Victims and social consequences of crimes.
  19. The interaction of inspector with the of investigative agency during preliminary investigation.
  20. Urgent questions about crime control on the current stage.
  21. Graphology and handwriting expertise.
  22. The motivation of criminal behavior. Criminal subculture.
  23. Characterization of crimes connected with rape.
  24. Inspection tactics of the crime scene.
  25. Anthropological approaches in studying a criminal.
  26. Classification of criminals and it’s meaning in the process of investigation.
  27. Psychopathic signs and personality traits of criminals with psychiatric abnormalities.
  28. Organized crime on the example of American mafia.
  29. Current problems of juvenile punishment.
  30. Personality deformations of juvenile offenders. Types and causes of personality deformations.
  31. Latent crime. Methods of detecting hidden crimes. Factors contributing the appearance of latent crimes.
  32. Why people commit crimes. Causes of criminality.
  33. Serial crimes. Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd and others.
  34. Lust murders. Hidden mechanisms and possibilities of prevention.
  35. The world practice: prevention of child pornography.


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